About us
Life Bingo was create by Andreas and Adam as a surprise activity to the group of friend heading on vacation together. It was a huge success and the idea to let others enjoy the game started. A few years later, thousands of people and companies uses Life bingo as a fun activity on everything from birthday and weddings to corporate events, big conferences and kick-offs. Life bingo is owned and operated by Life Games Handelsbolag out of Stockholm, Sweden


Have a question and can't find the answer? Drop us an e-mail: info@life.bingo
How to play?
All players uses their photo to access you unique game-link. Everyone will get a scrambled bingo card with the photo challenges. The mission is for every player to solve the challenge and document it with the camera and add it to the game. Get point by solving challenges and interact with the co-players. The players with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.
How to create a game
Create at least 9 challenges and add them to a new game. Share the link and start.
What is the prize?
The game creator decide what you win
How to win?
Solve the challenge, upload the photo to receive points. The players with the highest score wins.

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